Your Business and Your Health TPS201

201Today I want to talk about your health because it’s a key component of your success in business and in life. Your health will be reflected in the health of your business, especially if your energy levels are low and you’re constantly pushing yourself with sugar and coffee.


  • It’s clear from ads on television that there are certain classifications of diseases that are very “popular,” such as gastrointestinal problems and diabetes.
  • Don’t think drugs as the first line of defence for physical problems. There are often options and alternatives.
  • There’s a good chance that you can overcome symptoms such as depression and fatigue with lifestyle changes.
  • If you’re eating a whole lot of heavy dense foods, that will probably be reflected in your energy levels and in your financial flow.
  • Are you willing to keep yourself healthy?
  • A recent study showed that 50% of cancers can be prevented by making different lifestyle choices.
  • If you have chronic heartburn, it’s because you’re eating stuff your body doesn’t like.
  • You have the option of making lifestyle choices that will prevent discomfort and disease.
  • When your immune system is strong, you don’t have to waste time and money being sick.
  • Can you afford to get sick and lose a week of work?
  • There is no magic bullet that is going to make you healthy or keep you healthy.
  • Read labels on food and household products and decide if those ingredients are what you want to bring into your life.


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