You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Tune into the news on any day and you will hear many victim stories — stories of  victims of crime, terrorists, incompetent doctors, miserable parents and corrupt business people, politicians or religious leaders. There are also victims of life’s circumstances such as poverty, the economy, industrial accidents and a long list of events that are seemingly out of anyone’s control.

To keep from being victims, people are taught the value of distrust and fear. Doors are double locked, complex contracts are written and hearts are closed to neighbors and co-workers.

Despite wide-spread efforts, the world has not become a safer place. Although crime statistics are finally starting to decline, there is still an enormous amount of random violence, terrorism and corruption.The world seems to be in a spiritual depression.

Can It Change?

Is it possible to change the course of events and create world filled with love and trust? Can fear and dismay disappear from our lives?

I believe it can. But only if we are willing to step out of the victim position into a position of power. We have to stop asking other people, God or the government to take care of us and protect us from bad people and unfortunate events. We have to understand that we create our own reality and take responsibility for our own lives.

The Planet’s Healing Crisis

What is happening on the planet now is not bad. It is only uncomfortable. The process of change always brings with it destruction of the old.

Imagine the planet as a body, and all life forms as cells in the body. Right now, the planet is going through a healing crisis — like a bad case of the flu. Toxic wastes are being released, emotions are clearing and corruption is being unmasked. And, as with any healing crisis, although the planet looks sick, it is going through a positive process of change.

No Need for Pain

You can avoid long term discomfort and move towards inner peace if you understand two principles:

1. We are all in this together.

2. Because we are all one being, anything that is happening on the planet is a reflection of all of us. Our collective consciousness is creating our collective reality.

Just as we have the power to create discomfort, we have the power to create comfort.

When the consciousness of mankind changes from dependency and victimhood to responsibility and power, we will no longer have the discomfort that is on the planet now.

You Can Change the World

If you are willing to change your attitudes and accept your own power, then you can help to change the world.

The process of planetary healing can be compared to what happens as the physical body recovers from a long illness. Practitioners can help you, but unless you are willing to take responsibility for your own health and change your attitudes, beliefs and the habits that caused your dis-ease, your never going to get completely well.

In order for there to be peace on the planet, each of us has to realize that we are not victims — we are the creators.

We can have peace, but no one is going to do it for us. We are going to create a new world order when we accept our own divinity and understand that we are The Power, we are The Light. We are not “just” human because being human is being the divine force in action.

Christ said, “The kingdom of God is within you,” guru’s lead the student to the God within and spiritual teachers have been telling us for many years that we create our own reality. Now is the time for us to go beyond our intellectual understanding and come to feel the truth of our inner teacher. It is time for us to move to a new point of consciousness as we individually and collectively take responsibility for the Power and Light within us.

What You Can Do Now

The are many ways that you can release the Power and Light within you.

  • On a physical level, you can begin to take better care of your body by eating fresh, whole foods, reducing the amount of sugar you consume, exercising regularly and taking care of dental problems you have been avoiding. You can also clean your home and create order if it is needed.
  • On an emotional level, you can begin to examine your feelings and learn how to express them. You can also make an agreement with yourself to stop depending on others to rescue you. When you feel like a victim, instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” ask instead, “Why did I create this?”
  • On a spiritual level, if you are not meditating, you can learn how to do this. Our simple instructions will make meditation a pleasant experience for you. You can also begin to reach out to other people and become an active member of an organization or your community.