Work with What You Have TPS205

TPS205Today I talk about making do with what you have and not always wanting more. My suggestions also will help you figure out who you are. Two weeks ago, I had a hand surgery and will be in a cast for a month, so I had to rethink a lot of things that I do and take for granted.


  • My connective tissue disorder led me to re-evaluate what I could do with my life and how I could share information with other people.
  • I had to learn to make do with things and work within my abilities.
  • To prepare for my life after surgery I researched “living with one hand.” I learned a lot, and realized how lucky I am that this is only temporary.
  • Ask yourself: “What have I got to work with?”
  • It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you CAN do. And how you can make the most of what you CAN do?
  • I can be the best that I am within my limitations. This doesn’t mean not pushing myself to the limits, or not finding my limitations.
  • I have to make the most of the talent that I have.
  • Build your business within your capability.
  • You have to be honest about what you have what you don’t have.
  • Once you know your baseline strengths and limitations, you can decide where you want to be.
  • What have you got that you aren’t acknowledging because you’re too busy being like somebody else?
  • It’s not going to work if you’re trying to be like someone else.
  • What excuses are you using about what you can’t do?
  • There are often ways to compensate for the things that you cannot do.
  • Don’t be ashamed of you who you are. Don’t blame who you are for not being able to do thing. Just find out what you can do.
  • Your business will do well when it’s a real extension of you.
  • Be real about your abilities, but don’t underestimate your abilities.


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