When You’re Stuck, Let Go And Wait

Let GoIf you often feel stuck, you’re certainly not alone. Many people I talk to tell me that they just can’t get themselves to do what they have to do to move forward. As a result, their business languishes or operates at a just-enough level and they feel like there’s something wrong with them.

Why people get or stay stuck

There are myriad reasons why people allow themselves to get and stuck including:

  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • A habit of self-criticism
  • Making changes or trying to accomplish something to please someone else rather than yourself
  • Fear of failure or success
  • Blaming others for your current circumstances
  • Being in a hurry to accomplish a goal
  • Having doubts about what to do next
Are you stuck or in transition?

A few months ago, I had finally healed from the effects of a concussion I sustained a year earlier. During the healing process, I had gone through a lot of internal changes and realized I was now in a very different place. I wasn’t sure what path to take next, although I was feeling the urge to expand my horizons and create more ongoing business relationships and joint venture.

My instinct told me, let go and wait.

In our action-oriented society, waiting is not easy. But because I’ve gone through this sort of thing before, I knew that if I could let go and wait that an answer would come.

And it did. I won’t go into details now, but I’m actually excited about becoming part of a group project that will allow me to take my work to a new level. Had I pushed during the period that I chose to wait, I would have wasted a lot of effort.

So Step 1 is to ask yourself, “Am I really stuck or am I in transition?” Perhaps you’re just waiting for a new idea to emerge.

If you are really stuck…

Here are some suggestions if you really are stuck:

  • Talk to someone. Share what you’re going through with someone who can give you some ideas about steps to take or who can help you connect to the emotions that are at play. Often, a fear with roots in childhood that is perking up can keep you from moving forward.
  • Clean out some clutter. If the energy in your life is stagnant and cluttered, you’ll be amazed at how different you feel when you clean out some clutter and create empty space.
  • Don’t eat junk food. What you eat can seriously affect both your physical and mental energy. People often get sluggish or depressed and lack the energy to move forward because they are eating a lot of sugar and carbohydrates and not enough protein or vegetables.
  • Move your body. Daily exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the feel-good substances your brain produces. Exercise also literally get your juices flowing. You are more apt to move forward when you’ve been moving your body.
  • Take a chance. People often get stuck because they were afraid to follow their heart’s desire and are doing work that doesn’t reflect who they really are. But take informed chances. Do some research, talk to people, and make sure you know enough about the field that is calling to you.

And let go and wait!