What Does “Prosperity” Mean to You?

Measuring success by one’s financial bottom line is in fashion now, and many people dream of having large sums of money, thinking that this will allow them to feel happy and free.

More than once, I’ve heard the expression, “It’s an abundant universe,” and that whatever you want is just there for the taking. There IS abundance in the physical world, but that doesn’t mean that everybody has the capacity to generate large sums of money.

What does prosperity mean to you?Getting rich requires specific skills, discipline, ambition, and a huge amount of personal energy. Just thinking about getting rich or longing for more doesn’t cut it.

And here’s the kicker: Wealthy people aren’t necessarily any happier than those who are considered middle-class.

Prosperity Is an inside Job

I remember reading a story about a janitor who saved so much money from his meager salary that he was able to send a number of students through college. He considered himself fortunate and lived in a state of gratitude.

For me, being healthy after suffering for years from a long list of physical and emotional problems is far more satisfying than having millions of dollars. I actually enjoy living a simple life and sharing excess funds with those less fortunate.

I consider myself prosperous not because of what I make or how much money I have, but because of the comfortable life I have created for myself.

By eliminating longing for more and feeling satisfied with what I have allows me to feel free and experience peace of mind.

What about you?

What gives your life meaning and satisfaction?

Do you get so caught up longing for what you don’t have that you aren’t able to appreciate what you do have?

This is a great time of year to take stock of what you have, even if you perceive yourself as in a difficult situation.

It’s also a good time to set some realistic goals for the new year and create a strategy for reaching those goals—with the understanding that wherever you are and whatever you have now is exactly what you need to discover your authentic expression.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I really want from life?
  • In order to feel fulfilled, do I have to have huge amounts of money, with all of its attendant responsibilities?
  • In order to feel secure, do I really need a much bigger house to store the many more things I want, with it’s greater maintenance requirements.
  • In order to be healthy, do I want to push myself to the limit or would I rather live my life at a more leisurely pace?
  • Is lots of money going to allow me to experience freedom, or will I be free when I let go of the personal demons that keep me trapped where I am?
  • Is it more wealth that I crave or more love?

By taking the focus off of money, you can constuct a personal definition of prosperity. With that definition in hand, you can develop a strategy for creating a life that works for you.

The result of this will be an authentically comfortable and fulfilling life.