Wayne Kelly: How to Get Booked on Radio Interviews TPS211

TPS211Wayne Kelly is an award winning morning radio host who is passionate about interviewing interesting people and teaching anyone how to be a great guest by sharing their passion and stories with media. He’s been coaching ON AIR Publicity training since 2006 and his guests have been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, Rachel Ray, Time Magazine, NBC Nightly News and Radio stations around the world!


  • Being a radio guest is as simple as being animated, excited to be there and able to share great content.
  • To get on the radio, your information should solve a problem for mainstream people.
  • The information you provide should be relevant.
  • No need to have publicist or to be with a team, you can do it all alone – you have to build yourself up.
  • If you think you have done something amazing, or if you have a great lifestyle topic, you can simply pitch the producer, go to their website and pitch them a story idea.
  • Give the radio producer not just the topic but also some key points about what you want to share.
  • It’s about connecting with the listeners.
  • Make your key points clear.
  • Give people a reason to pay attention to you.
  • Each audience is completely different, so understand the audience that you’re talking.
  • Be animated, energetic, and passionate about what you do.
  • Start with a smaller market – it’s a great place to be!
  • It comes down to practice – with the camera and microphone.
  • Explain why you’re on the show, why people should care and have a call to action.


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