Use Neuroscience to Improve Your Life TPS219

tps219I’m thrilled to have on our show today two neuroscientists:

Dr. ROBERT KEITH WALLACE is a pioneering researcher on the physiology of consciousness. His research has inspired hundreds of studies on the benefits of meditation and other mind-body techniques. Dr. Wallace’s findings have been published in Science, American Journal of Physiology, and Scientific American. He received his BS in physics and his PhD in physiology from UCLA and conducted postgraduate research at Harvard University. Dr. Wallace is the founding president of Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa.

Dr. FREDERICK TRAVIS is a world-renowned neuroscientist who has discovered brain wave patterns in children and young people that correlate with greater moral reasoning, happiness, emotional stability, and academic performance. Dr. Travis has authored or coauthored 70 scientific papers, many published in leading peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Travis received his masters and PhD in psychology from Maharishi University of Management (MUM). After a two-year post-doctoral position at University of California at Davis, he returned to MUM to direct the EEG, Consciousness, and Cognition Lab.


  • My guests talk about the science of Auyerveda.
  • Everything we do changes the brain.
  • Habits are circuits that are built up in the brain.
  • What you put into attention gets strengthened by neurocircuits which become very dominant in our lives.
  • Meditation is one keystone which really helps improve every other aspect of life.
  • New experience allows you to make new brain circuits (neural pathways).
  • It’s important to have a deeper knowledge of yourself both internally through meditation and also through an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • New experience allow you to create new habits.
  • Our brains are a filter between us and our world.
  • The brain is a river, not a rock. It’s constantly changing.
  • Entertaining new ideas allows us to change lifestyle in a positive way.
  • So many levels of our lives have been laid down by strong neurocircuits.
  • It’s important to keep your brain and body type in balance.


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