The Truth About Making Money with Online Courses TPS218

tps218In this episode I talk about the realities of creating online courses: The time involved, the marketing investment, and what the potential really is for making money. There are many people claiming that you can make large sums of money with online courses. This is true for some, but it takes lots of work – and lots of marketing.


  • There’s a lot you have to do in order to get position so when people look for your topic, you come up on top.
  • I like to work from the inside: what does it take internally for you to get the words out there?
  • In my experience, writing books is easier than doing courses.
  • No matter what path you decide to take, you have to understand, whatever you’re doing, there’s marketing involved.
  • Anybody who tells you any of  these things are easy- they’re not!
  • The principles are simple but it does take time and effort.
  • You have  to find out what system works for you.
  • Decide what marketing methods to use.
  • If you’re going for quality, it sometimes takes a little longer.
  • Having a product is only step one.
  • Doing it alone is the most difficult thing to try to do.
  • You need feedback.
  • Bottomline: It takes a lot of effort to plan, pick the right title, all the planning and the actual production, it’s going to take an investment.
  • Don’t buy into everything you hear!


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