Top 10 Things You Can Do to Insure Your Prosperity

1. Be Positive. It’s a known fact that optimists live longer and do better than pessimists. Practice seeing the positive side of everything. Become aware of any fears you may have about trusting in a positive outcome.

2. Examine Your Values. Find out what really matters to you so you can use your personal values as a guide for planning your life. Support yourself by honoring your values.
3. Use Your Values As a Guide for Your Actions. There’s a saying that I like — If one of us has to be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be me. If you are ever asked to act against your own values, don’t do it. This takes courage, and you will probably have to work through some fears, but do it!

4. Strive to Increase Your Levels of Awareness. Awareness is the first step in the process of change. If you are going to change your life position, then it is important to take an inventory of where you are now. This means looking at the condition of your home, possessions and relationships as well as being very conscious of where you are now financially. Vagueness is a serious impediment to prosperity.

5. Be Willing to Step Outside of YOUR Box. If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep on getting what you’ve been getting. If you are uncomfortable in any area of your life, then you will need to do something different in order to change.

6. Take Care of Yourself. If you don’t support and take care of yourself, others will not do it for you. The more you nourish yourself with what you actually need, the easier it will be to create a comfortable lifestyle. A comfortable body/mind/spirit reflects itself in prosperity.

7. Take Care of Your Money. Balance your checkbook, post your sales, keep track of what you spend and earn. Money, like people, goes to those who nourish and care for it. If you don’t learn to take care of your money, when you start earning more, it will overwhelm you. Every dollar is a decision and it is easier to learn to make financial decisions when there is less to deal with.

8. Keep Learning about Money Management. Money is a powerful force that requires skill to handle it. A lot of people are intimidated by the whole money arena because they’ve never learned about it before. It is never too late to start and there are many good resources and books for beginners that will introduce you to the principles of investing and money management.

9. Take Responsibility for Your Personal Power. It really bugs me when I hear people say things like, “I guess God (or any variation thereof) doesn’t want me to have money now.” I firmly believe that we create our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Prosperity requires a willingness to no longer be dependent on others or to be a victim of circumstances. The principles we teach require a willingness to take responsibility for creating your own life — and your prosperity.

10. Take Action. Sitting still won’t get you anywhere but where you are already. Small actions that move you closer to your goal of increased prosperity will move you along the path. Take small steps, but take them. For example, save a few dollars, read a book about money management, balance your checkbook (if you don’t normally do that), set realistic short-term financial goals, evaluate your life, add healthier foods to your diet. It’s a good idea to get a buddy and make changes together. Talking about what you plan and the actions you are taking reinforces your resolve.