Tom Corson-Knowles: Success with E-Book and Kindle Publishing TPS194

TPS194Tom Corson-Knowles is the international bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible and 19 other books.

Tom is also the founder of, a free video training program for authors, and TCK Publishing, a Book Publisher that specializes in publishing and marketing Kindle books online.


  • Tom makes his living as a writer – not an easy thing to do.
  • Books are a low-priced product, so you have to sell a lot and sell other things.
  • Tom focuses on building his personal brand.
  • If you add as much value to your audience, they’ll come back to you.
  • Tom’s real passion is reading and learning.
  • Business labels don’t really tell who you are.
  • In Internet marketing, quality often gets lost.
  • I need to keep improving my product.
  • When Tom started five years ago, it was easy to make money selling ebooks.
  • No one can compete with you. Be the best you..
  • Don’t focus on external stuff and what others are doing.
  • Tom discusses how his upbringing led to the high-energy business person he has today.
  • Tom reads an average of five books a week.
  • People are consuming so much technology that they aren’t leaving space for their own creativity.
  • Talks about how he works with people and the books he has written that are on Amazon.
  • Tom really likes to be of service.
  • The average person doesn’t realize that the whole Internet is monetized.
  • People still have to get over their old habits and learn to use the Internet.
  • Tom shares some ideas for getting started writing your book.


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