Todd Tressider: How to Experience Financial Freedom TPS186

How to Experience Financial FreedomTodd Tresidder is a former  hedge fund manager who “retired” at age 35. He loves playing  the money game like a kid loves playing  Monopoly  and remains an active investor to this day. He’s also  a financial educator and pro-consumer advocate having  authored 5 personal finance books.His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, NPR, and MarketWatch, among other  places. If you like what you hear from him today, you can get more of his insights on the Financial Mentor  Podcast, or get his free email course, “52 Weeks To Financial Freedom,” teaching you how to invest smart, build wealth, retire early, and live free at www.FinancialMentor.Com.


  • Todd tells us how he decided not to follow a conventional career path and how he found his path to financial freedom.
  • After college Todd became a hedge fund manager.
  • The hedge fund industry is the rocket science of investing.
  • If you are going to build wealth, you have to master investing.
  • You have to have a provable positive expectation of results based on historical data.
  • We talk about how the average person can find good help and advice
  • You have to start with a commitment to wealth as your path of life.
  • If you want to know your commitments, look at the results you get.
  • Freedom has to be a priority for you.
  • You have to organize your life so the end result is financial independence.
  • If you haven’t been saving all your adult life,  you’ll have to make significant changes.
  • It’s a question of what you want. If you want financial independence, there’s a process that you have to go through.
  • There’s no sacrifice if you are working towards what you want.
  • Do you want spend your money on lifestyle or freedom?
  • You can’t pay anyone enough money to care about your money as much as you do.
  • You can delegate authority, but not responsibility.
  • In order to hire the right money managers, you have to understand money.
  • Your money is a mirror of you.
  • If you see learning about money as an adventure, you don’t need willingness.
  • It takes no more effort to be rich than to be poor.
  • Seeing the financial results from your efforts is pleasurable.


Todd’s site where you can get his e-book and find his podcast.