The Courage to Be You w/ Joan Sotkin TPS066

joan140824In this episode, I talk about the fact that everything you have done and learned so far is what makes you uniquely you. Do you have the courage to speak your truth? Do you have the courage to really be you?

Being interviewed on other podcasts has given me a whole new perspective on my work and has given me the confidence to speak more honestly about what I know to be true.

  • How do we make our lives work? Is there something within us that creates our life stories?
  • There is so much more to us than we can perceive with our three-dimensional minds. When we realize there is more, we can create our lives from a more peaceful place.
  • When we try to describe something that exists in other dimensions, we are using three-dimensional language, so it can’t be accurate.
  • We all have the power of creation within us, and when we are aware that we are a part of a whole, we can accomplish more.
  • Our perception of the real rules for living is often limited.
  • If we all understand our connection and work together, our lives can be a lot more pleasant.
  • Each one of us has something unique to bring to the world, and every one of your life experiences has made you who you are.
  • What has happened to you and what you have done is not good or bad, it’s just what you’ve done, and you have the option of asking, “Is this what I want to keep on doing, or do I want to do it differently?”
  • As people get older, then tend to take fewer chances.
  • What if we aren’t stuck in three-dimensional reality?
  • If you see yourself as anything but special, you aren’t seeing the truth of you.
  • When we open our minds to that which lies beyond what we think is real, we enhance our lives in incredible ways.
  • What are you hiding about yourself that you are afraid to let out?
  • Once we say out loud who we are, then we can be free from a lot of our life struggles.

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