The Art of Asking for Money

TPS173Asking for money is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. When someone asks you what your product or service costs, you have to be clear and confident with your answer.


  • I only want to coach people who are willing to invest in themselves. For those who feel they can’t afford it, I have programs that cost less.
  • When you offer a sliding scale, you’ll often draw in people on the lower end. Is that who you want to work with?
  • You have to be open to people not accepting your price and not taking it personally.
  • I share some of the pricing techniques I have used.
  • Asking for money is tied in with your sales skills.
  • I need to find out more about a client to see if I can really help them before quoting a price.
  • I share my experience selling books door to door.
  • Before giving a price, you need to qualify a prospect.
  • You need to be sure your prospect has enough information to see the value of your offer.
  • You can’t guess what the value is to your client unless you act.
  • If you have trouble asking for money or if you are undervaluing yourself, you probably have to deal with emotions behind that trouble.
  • You have to be detached from the results.
  • If you get a lot of people saying no, you probably need to examine your sales process.