The Anger-Money Connection TPS33

Anger-MoneyThe energy of anger affects a person’s life in many ways and can be the force behind financial problems. Lots of people who appear to be peaceful have anger that they have been carrying with them, and unexpressed anger, which develops in early childhood often appears as underearning, debting, and other financial discomforts.

  • Anger is natural, valid reaction to being violated.
  • Because children aren’t allowed to express anger, or don’t know how, it often becomes repressed and acts itself out through health issues, finances, and other areas.
  • Two kinds of anger: overt and passive aggressive.
  • Self-directed passive-aggressive behaviour shows up often via financial behaviors such as debting, underearning, compulsive shopping.
  • Working with someone to help you remove the emotional charge behind the anger.
  • Techniques you use on your own that will help you release the anger.

Audio: Dissolving the Anger-Money Connection