Tanya Taylor Rubinstein: Story Telling and Solo Performance Expert TPS110

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein-Story Telling and Solo Performance

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, www.TheSoloPerformanceCoach.com,  is one of the world’s premier Solo Performance Coaches and Directors. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she works with actors, writers and other creative people to create outstanding One-Person Shows that are performed at theaters, festivals and conferences world wide. Her work has been featured in O The Oprah Magazine, where it was called “a gift and a necessity,” on NPR, in BackStage and on CBS (The Early Show). She is also the co-editor of the book The Cancer Monologue Project.


  • Tanya’s work has been a lifetime journey. She fell in love with storytelling in her 20s.
  • “I consider myself a story coach who gets people into their own authentic stories.”
  • First, it’s about freeing your voice, then figuring out what you want to say.
  • We are always looking to speak into the unspeakable.
  • It’s about creating a safe and sacred space for exploration and risk.
  • “I allow myself to be vulnerable and transparent.”
  • How her work as a story facilitator can help a business person.
  • When you share your story, there’s something organic that happens with the sales process.
  • A strong TED talk, starts with story that is married to a mission and vision.
  • We talk about the current promoting of story for business and how her work, which comes from a creative space, offers more depth.
  • People who are jumping onto the story bandwagon are missing a depth of knowledge and understanding.
  • There can be a benefit with story on many levels. Tanya’s work Is meant to be transformative.
  • It’s important that entrepreneurs define their brand story.
  • When people’s hearts get open, they are more able to accept new information.
  • Facebook is a place where people are telling the story of their lives and is opening people to sharing their stories.
  • How sharing stories on Facebook has helped her get many clients.
  • Authenticity binds us to each other.
  • Tanya has had her business for 16 years and has been online since 2000. Things really got started for her when she put together her solo performance site 8 years ago.
  • We talked about how she learned her business and financial skills and how she used PR to grow her business.
  • She went bankrupt because she had the wrong partner.
  • “I see the Net as a highway of connection.”
  • She is putting together a program to train story coaches.
  • We have to be able to marry the business and the creative.
  • Have a daily writing practice so you can get used to telling your story.


Tanya’s website: The Solo Performance Coach

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