Talk Yourself Into Success

According to the survey that many of you participated in, a majority of subscribers to Prosperity Tips are entrepreneurs or have a professional practice. And, no surprise, a large majority wants to earn more.

No matter what the economy looks like, reaching a new income goal is possible – IF you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and change your behaviors. Doing what you’ve been doing will only get you what you’ve been getting.

A Perfect Model for Success

On Sunday night, I watched Extreme Makeover Weight-Loss Edition. This was the second one I watched, and they both had similar themes. A grossly overweight person is selected for a one-year program during which they are expected to lose hundreds of pounds.

In both episodes, the person chosen was highly motivated, yet over and over again they reached a threshold that the trainer had to convince them to cross. His constant mantra of, “You can do it!” motivated them to overcome their resistance and move forward.

I realized that when I want to reach a new income goal, this is what I have to do for myself. My internal dialogue has to be that of a coach encouraging me to move forward. As doubts arise, the inner coach has to constantly remind me, “You can do it!”

Self-talk alone doesn’t suffice. Reaching for new levels of success is like training for a competitive athletic event – you have to be in shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And most importantly, new business skills and more sophisticated marketing methods are usually required.

Success Starts with Your Internal Dialogue

Success starts with your relationship with yourself and the habitual emotions that serve as a stimulus for your behaviors. Deprecating self-talk only serves to stimulate less-than feelings that discourage forward motion and encourage resistance.

The big question is, are you willing to step outside of YOUR comfort zone and recognize and release the family-of-origin emotional issues that you are acting out through your finances.

I talk to a lot of people who admit to their financial discomfort. And upon questioning, 100% of the time there is a story of some kind of family-of-origin dysfunction that led to feelings of anger, shame, abandonment, or deprivation that are perfectly mirrored through the person’s financial position.

So my question to you today is, are you willing to step out of your emotional comfort zone and deal with the habitual feelings that are holding you back?

There is a huge amount of free information on both and designed to help you recognize and release the emotions that you are acting out through your money.

And tomorrow’s free teleclass, 5 Common Feelings That Can Ruin Your Business, also promises to help you step out of the poor-me story that keeps you from earning to your full potential.

If you need someone else to help move you forward, there is the Peace of Mind & Prosperity program and one-to-one coaching.

Help is available, you just have to take this step and reach for. No matter what level you have already reached, there is another one waiting for you to grab it. You can do it!