How the Stress of Uncertainty Affects Your Decisions TPS226

tps226My book, The Search for Connection, will be available on by November 28. You can read about it at or on Amazon. In this episode, I talk about why it took me so long to publish this story of my spiritual journey that took place starting in 1976. I also talk about the stress people are going through now because everything about the US election is so outside of the norm.


  • Because there is so much uncertainty, our brain signals that we are in danger.
  • I recently posted something on Facebook about the harmful effects of stress.
  • As an entrepreneur, you have to learn how to deal with uncertainty.
  • There is a big difference between concern and fear.
  • It’s hard to make good decisions when you are in fear.
  • I talk about the Hartman Value Profile which measures critical thinking capacity.
  • When your brain signals “danger,” it’s natural to think of negative consequences.
  • One of my teachers taught me that worry is a waste of time.
  • Studies show that the conservative brain functions differently than liberal brains.
  • Thinking that change is bad is just a perception.
  • Make a decision to deal with the stress in your life.
  • I talk about why there is so much anger in the world now.
  • I find it difficult to understand why there is so much hate and bullying.
  • We aren’t born with hate, we learn it along the way.
  • Deep inside all of us is a yearning for peace and love.
  • You can protest without hating your opponent.
  • You can make a decision to love not hate.
  • Evaluate your biases and decide if you want to change them.
  • If I see the “other” as dangerous, what does that say about me.
  • In order to recognize all of the corruption that exists, it’s good that it’s coming to the surface.
  • You can’t fight for peace.
  • You aren’t your emotions. You’re true essence is something way beyond your emotions.
  • Make a decision to deal with your stress in healthy ways.


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