Starting Your Own Online Learning Course TPS217

tps217Our guest today is Greg Smith who is the founder and CEO of Thinkific which is the platform that I’m using now to create and market my online courses. Greg was working as a corporate lawyer for a large law firm when he launched an online course as a side project. Soon his revenues from his course surpassed his salary as a lawyer and he jumped into online education full time. In 2012, Greg formed Thinkfic and now thousands of people use the platform for sharing their courses with the world. Join us as Greg talks about e learning and starting an online course.


  • Build your business for longevity so you can have something to rely on in the future.
  • You have to have a clear value proposition for the person taking your course: how  their life will change after taking the course.
  • What they want to know is, “once I take this course, where are you going to take me? What’s my life going to look like when I’m done?”
  • I don’t think it really matters where that topic is or where that subject matter is. It’s more about communicating how their life’s going to be different.
  • Getting yourself into the right mindset comes down to focus..
  • Having that accountability partner, and having a set time, and having a set goal and deadline, it definitely make things a lot faster and generate better results.
  • Deal with your own resistance inside.
  • Get feedback to get a better product.
  • Get out there and try.
  • Spend time learning what other people are doing.
  • We talk about the Thinkific platform and what it offers.


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