Save Your Adrenals, Save Your Life-TPS272

We live in stressful times characterized by uncertainty. In this episode, I talk about how uncertainty causes stress, which leads to fear, which stresses your adrenal glands. It’s important to honor and take care of yourself and especially your adrenal glands, which regulate almost all of your body functions. Stressing your adrenal glands can actually shorten your life!


  • It’s difficult not feel stress with what’s going on all around the world.
  • When you start feeling afraid for yourself and your business, there are actually physical effects.
  • You can make choices as to how you deal with stress.
  • Health experts believe that 80% of the population suffers from adrenal fatigue.
  • I talk about the many body functions that the adrenal glands regulate.
  • Most people don’t take the time to learn about their body and how it works.
  • The stress about what’s going on in the world is not going to go away.
  • You have to make the decision to reduce your stress level.
  • Medical doctors don’t know about natural methods for healing your body.
  • If you’re always pushing to make more money, you’re going to exhaust your adrenal glands.
  • I recommend that people go to a functional medicine doctor.
  • The cause of chronic stress often goes back to early childhood.
  • Your adrenal glands need high doses of B vitamins and Vitamin C.
  • The adrenal glands help to regulate your blood sugar
  • When you eat high sugar and carbohydrate foods, you stress your blood sugar system, which includes the adrenals.
  • When you are in a hurry, you’re stressing your adrenals.
  • Taking care of you is as important as taking care of your money.


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