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TPS170Rock Thomas is a lifetime entrepreneur, real estate mogul, radio personality, and peak performance trainer. He is the author of The Power of Your Identity and leads a seminar entitled Inside the Millionaire Mindset & Six Keys to Success. He recently released a 90-Day Program, The Top 10 Rules of Success, and he is Chief Visionary Officer of GoBundance, a tribe of healthy, wealthy, generous men who lead epic lives.

Rock currently owns 2 Keller Williams real estate franchises in Montreal. His former six franchises sold a billion dollars of real estate annually and were voted the top-producing offices for the 10 years he was running them.


  • People are so overloaded with information that they often feel lost.
  • Most people can’t function unless they have some certainty around their finances.
  • Certainty is about believing that you will find a way.
  • Most people don’t know who they are and have a low self-image.
  • You can choose your own identity. Design the role you want to live.
  • We don’t learn to love ourselves, and we keep looking for others to love us.
  • To teach not taking things personally, I’d refer them to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
  • Incremental progress is more important than quick growth.
  • Higher levels of awareness lead to less frustration.
  • Mastery comes from repetition.
  • The real endgame for most people is connection, touch, and love.
  • Lack of self-esteem and lack of touch in childhood leads to using money and success as a vehicle for raising self-esteem.
  • We’re programmed to believe that we need the fancy car to feel good about ourselves.
  • We’re pretty dumb as guys. When we see something pretty our caveman instincts kick in.
  • A lot of people mix up attention for love.
  • I want to have both love and money.
  • There are always beliefs about money.
  • Rock has 16 different streams of income.
  • First is making money, second is managing it, third is investing it.
  • Only 2% of Americans execute their ideas.
  • Success principles are universals.
  • Until the people I hired worked on their mindset, they couldn’t really succeed.


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