Reprogram Your Subconscious: The Power Word Technique-TPS8

The Power Word Technique is used to reprogram your subconscious so you can let go of old beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that are holding you back. Learn how to apply it to issues such as procrastination.


The subconscious is a faithful servant and will do whatever you tell it. What you’re going to tell it is that when you use a specific word, it will release old beliefs and unhealthy emotions while moving through resistance.

Note: You don’t have to believe the Power Word Technique will work in order for it to be effective.

Instructions are given for choosing a power word.

Here are the Instructions to the Subconscious:

Subconscious mind, every time I notice a problem, discomfort, belief, or behavior I intend to release, you will employ the following power word to eliminate all the roots of the problem, emotional discomfort, belief, or behavior. You will also apply this power word to install any statement of intention, affirmation, or new belief that I make. The power word I am going to use is __________.

If you later decide to change your power word, repeat the statement and conclude by saying, “Subconscious mind, I am now going to use the power word _________.”

The basic protocol is:

I release my need for______

I give myself permission to ______

I am willing to ______

I want to _______

Finally, say a positive affirmation of accomplishment.

A basic treatment for procrastination is given.


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