Replay: It’s Never about Money

TPS125If you think having more money would solve your problems, think again! If you worry about not having enough or running out of money, if you feel stuck financially or burdened by debt, if you think you don’t get paid enough or you don’t make enough to save anything, then listen to this episode.


  • Problems that seem to be about money are never about money. They are about something that’s going on inside of you.
  • The situation doesn’t cause the feelings, the feelings cause the situation.
  • Money is a symbol of relationship.
  • When you are uncomfortable about your finances, you can ask, what am I feeling and when did I feel this as a child?
  • Our emotional responses are not set in stone, they are habits.
  • Money problems are an opportunity to grow and evolve.
  • When you start thinking about how much money you don’t have, ask what is it I don’t have enough of.
  • Just because you are born with a tendency towards something doesn’t mean you can’t change it.
  • When you alter your emotional responses, your outcomes will also change.
  • We take a look at deprivation and how childhood experiences affect financial deprivation.
  • Having everything you want may not be congruent with your self-concept.
  • To alter your habit, recognize the kinaesthetic experience in your body while in a situation.
  • Once you recognize the feeling of contraction, you can ask, when did I feel this before?
  • Recognize what you are feeling, release using one of the methods I talk about, then replace by teaching yourself a different feeling.
  • I use Be Set Free Fast, The Power Word Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, and other energy psychology techniques.
  • When you start fretting about money, recognize, release and replace.


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