How Reducing Stress Can Positively Affect Your Business & Life Outcomes -TPS250

We are living in stressful times. The planet is stressed, our political and economic systems are stressed, and many people experience stress in business – and in life – on a daily basis. In this episode, I talk about how chronic stress can affect your life as well as your business and finances and what you can do to reduce the stress in your life.


  • There are two kinds of stress – short term and chronic stress. It’s the chronic stress that is a real problem.
  • Uncertainty adds to stress.
  • A recent article outlined how stress causes heart attacks.
  • Diabetes Type 2 is caused by stress to the pancreas.
  • When your amygdala gets triggered, it causes inflammation, which can be the cause of disease.
  • Reducing stress will increase the length of telomeres, which determine how long you’ll live.
  • A lot of entrepreneurs are under constant, self-imposed stress.
  • You don’t need to push harder, you need to take care of yourself.
  • When you are under stress, you can’t be thinking clearly.
  • Your inner guidance doesn’t work well when you in a state of worry and amxiety.
  • Try this: make an agreement with yourself never to go through a yellow light.
  • The first four letters of “deadline” are dead.
  • Do things that are health enhancing, not health defeating.
  • Decide to notice what is stressing you out.
  • You have to learn to recognize what’s happening and then make a decision to change your state.
  • In my course Rewire Your Brain for Prosperity & Financial Freedom, I talk about how to recognize, release and replace your habitual reactions.
  • I give some suggestions for de-stressing yourself, including vitamins and herbs.
  • Pushing yourself in your business actually interferes with your success.
  • If you want to be happy, healthy, and prosperous, you have to make the decision to de-stress yourself.
  • You have to recognize the stress signals from your body-mind and follow through.
  • During stressful times, it’s especially important to reduce the stress in your life.
  • Part of your job as a business person is taking care of yourself.


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