Prosperity Is About Energy Flow

The word prosperity often elicits thoughts of wealth and abundance on a material level. But real and lasting prosperity goes much deeper than our bank accounts. Prosperity is as much about who we are and the personal energy that we generate as it is about our net worth.

Truly prosperous people have a zest for life, faith in their ability to provide for themselves and their families, and a willingness to take some risks. Prosperous people often experience good physical health, emotional stability, inner peace, have many healthy relationships, and feel connected to a greater reality.

Money alone cannot provide these things. High-net-worth people can be afraid of losing what they have, share their wealth grudgingly, deal with multiple physical or mental health problems, have trouble maintaining loving relationships, and trust very few people. They might be wealthy, but they aren’t prosperous.

Therefore prosperity is not about money. It’s more about your personal energy –what you feel and how you interact with your environment. Clear, focused energy that flows freely is more likely to create positive, enjoyable results than muddled, scattered energy characterized by struggles and blockages.

Everything is Energy

The entire physical universe is made up of energy in different forms. Our body/minds are powered by energy and emit enough energy to create an electromagnetic field around us that can be measured and experienced by others.

This energy that flows through us helps to define the quality of our lives and the nature our physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial experiences.

Unrestricted energy flow equals positive experiences. That’s the bottom line.

Therefore in attempting to create prosperity for yourself, adjusting the energy flow through your life can lead to surprisingly satisfying results, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

The Energy You Can Adjust

There are many ways you can adjust and increase your personal energy flow. For example, you can

  • Improve the quality and regulate the quantity of food you eat – fresh whole foods grown by small, local producers has very different energy than highly processed foods created by huge conglomerates.
  • Reduce the amount of clutter that prevents energy from flowing freely through your home and office. Blocked energy flow leads to blocked cash flow.
  • Keep your home, office, and car clean and in good repair.
  • Surround yourself with things that stimulate positive thoughts and memories. Get rid of things that stimulate unpleasant memories.
  • Interact with positive, satisfied people who don’t complain and gossip.
  • Manage your cash flow by keeping track of your money and making conscious financial decisions.
  • Develop positive inner habits, including thoughts, beliefs, emotions, expectations, and behaviors that are expansive and supportive of who you are today and who would like to become.
  • Exercise and move your body to stimulate your physical energy systems.

If you were to make one small change from one or more of these areas every day, you can be sure that within nine months to a year you will be in a much more comfortable financial position than you are in now.

However, because who you are now and the energy you generate is habitual, altering your energy flow will require a deep commitment and a willingness to overcome your resistance to change.

My book, Build Your Money Muscles, is filled with ideas and techniques for working through your resistance while recognizing and altering the habitual thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that keep you stuck where you are financially. Following the simple instructions in this book can move you into a new and improved energy flow.