Power Words Can Change Your Life with Sharon Anne Klingler – TPS32

Sharon Klingler On today’s episode you are going to meet Sharon Anne Klingler who is known as an inspiring speaker, author, and intuitive. Her latest book is called Power Words. Her other titles include Secrets of Success and Intuition & Beyond. She has appeared on many TV shows in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

  • Juggling one’s position between a New Age and main street audiences.
  • How people relate to you, doesn’t have to affect your internal state.
  • Approaching business realistically.
  • Maintaining a level of detachment.
  • How single words can affect you.
  • The word “need” is a word that indicates lack. Switching it to “receive.”
  • Basic theory she posits in her book Power Words.
  • Feel the energy of the words you use.
  • How to use trigger words for specific situations, such as “action.”
  • Turn affirmations into single word commands.
  • Words to use if you are stuck.
  • Using words to change emotional responses.
  • How negative thinking can undo what you are trying to program and how to change negative thinking.

Sharon’s Site: www.SharonKlingler.com

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