Peter Scott IV: Develop a Fearless Mindset TPS200

TPS200Peter Scott IV is the Founder of the Fearless Life Academy where he mentors high performing entrepreneurs to conquer their fears so that they create the impact and earn the income they desire. Peter is also the author of the #1 Bestselling book, “The Fearless Mindset” and has a background as an investment banker.


  • Peter shares how his entire life was consumed by fear starting from the tender age of 10 years old.
  • A childhood incident caused Peter to want to seek love, approval and validation form everyone outside of himself.
  • His father’s death helped Peter overcome fear.
  • Your mindset is 1,000 times more useful than financial skills.
  • Money magnifies who you are.
  • We have to overcome the biological signals to be afraid.
  • Irrational fears keep you from living.
  • Being fearless means having the courage to do the things that scare you.
  • Fear keeps people stuck where they are.
  • Courage is a result. It’s not a requirement.
  • Fear limits you from reaching your potential.
  • The fears that hold people back are often the fears of self-expression.
  • Leverage your body to be courageous and fight fear.
  • Peter deliberately puts resistance into his life.
  • Do one small uncomfortable thing daily until you slowly build up your courage.
  • Setting huge goals is an excuse for not achieving them.
  • Peter talks about getting the skills needed to make more money.
  • People are unrealistic in what they need to learn in order to achieve their goals.
  • Find someone who has had the results you want, and then invest in yourself by having them coach you.
  • Seek support from others.
  • Find out how to do things differently.
  • Resisting change equals resisting progress.
  • Change isn’t the problem. It’s the meaning that we attach to change.


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