Nick Loper: The Advantages of Starting with a Side Hustle TPS182

TPS182Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He’s an author, online entrepreneur, and life-long student in the game of business. His latest role is as Chief Side Hustler at, a growing community and resource for aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs.


  • We discuss how Nick came up with the concept of a side hustle.
  • Having a side hustle makes it possible to see some income before taking the big leap into entrepreneurship.
  • Nick shares the skills anyone needs to make a side hustle work.
  • Try to find a balance between what you know and what your customers want.
  • One of the ideas at is to use an existing marketplace like ,,,, and others.
  • In order to make the leap, you have to be willing to take a risk.
  • Your financial house has to be in order.
  • There were so many ups and downs that I couldn’t have imagined.
  • Nick talks about a stressful time he had with his first business.
  • Be more diversified in order to avoid sudden financial crises.
  • Nick talks about his book Work Smarter, which has a large list of resources for working online
  • Every expert was once a beginner.
  • Build something of value and ask, What else can I help you with?
  • Get clarity on why you are creating a side hustle.


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Work Smarter: 500+ Online Resources Today’s Top Entrepreneurs Use To Increase Productivity and Achieve Their Goals:

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

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