Mat Silverman: His Journey into an Alternative Medical Practice TPS225

tps225Mat Silverman is a board certified Osteopathic physician who practices internal and bariatric medicine in Northern New Jersey. He’s been practicing for 15 years and he recently found integrative and functional medicine as a way to improve the health and lives of his patients. His journey began after seeing how conventional medicine was not always serving his patient’s interests.


  • Mat talks about the difference between an osteopathic physician (OD) and an allopathic physician (MD).
  • ODs learn everything that MDs do, plus they learn more about the skeletal system. Bariatric medicine is the treatment of patients for weight loss. Mat tells us how he got into the field.
  • He also tells us how he realized that medical conditions often have deeper causes.
  • I (Joan) introduced Mat to alternative therapies and he did an amazing job of following through and going in a new direction.
  • When Mat started with coaching, he needed help getting his finances straightened out and quickly got over his financial vagueness.
  • Mat started networking with alternative physicians in his area and learned a lot from them.
  • He realized that he didn’t have to look very far to get the information he heeded.
  • You can’t do it on your own. There has to be a team approach to treating patients.
  • There is now an Integrative Medical Center in the hospital Mat works in.
  • Mat knew there was more out there that could help his patients, which is why he followed up on suggestions given to him.
  • I want people to get well rather than just treat their illnesses.To see somebody really get healthier and not just treat their sickness was a much more fulfilling thing than simply giving medication.
  • When you ask a question and believe that an answer will come, it usually does. You just need the courage to follow your inner direction.
  • A lot of diseases are a result of lifestyle, particularly nutrition.
  • Mat decided not to leave the traditional system and is working within it.
  • Working within the system makes it possible to help more people.
  • The most important thing is to be able to help people.
  • “Doctor” means teacher and doctors have to teach people how to help themselves.
  • The best kind of change comes from within.
  • The best fulfillment that you can get from any type of profession is the connection that you make from the people that you serve.
  • If you have the courage and you ask the question, the answer will come. You just have to take a chance to follow that inner direction.


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