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TPS180Mark Sieverkropp is a Podcaster, blogger, author, entrepreneur, connector, leader, consultant and speaker. He is the author of Project: Successwhich climbed to #3 in the Self-Help category in the Amazon Kindle Store and Start a Conversation With Anyone, Anywhere .  He has co-hosted the Happen To Your Career Podcast, which was a New & Noteworthy Podcast in the Career section of iTunes, The 24 Podcast, and currently co-hosts The World Changer Show with Matt McWilliams. Mark is passionate about connecting with others, finding ways to add value to them and helping other people do the same. Mark and his wife Lacie have two children, Brooklynn and Cash.


  • Through relationships, Mark started his business.
  • Mark totally sees the value of collaborating with other people.
  • Relationships allow you to find opportunities.
  • Mark talks about how he helps people get over their fear of talking to new people.
  • Your only goal when talking to people is to get to talk to them again.
  • If a first meeting doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter. There are lots of other people.
  • So much of your success with talking to people has to do with your mindset.
  • A lot of it comes down to self-esteem.
  • It’s not a bad thing if you don’t click with someone.
  • Life’s too short to work with jerks.
  • You have to evaluate how a person might fit into your life.
  • We need all kinds of relationships.
  • The most important thing is to be yourself and ask a lot of questions.
  • Mark sometimes prepares questions in advance after doing some research about someone he’s going to meet.
  • Have some go-to questions that you can use with anyone.
  • Asking questions is the most important thing you can do.
  • People love to talk about themselves.
  • People are often afraid of looking stupid.
  • It doesn’t matter what you talk about, you have to be sincere.
  • Learning how to end a conversation is also important.
  • Set up the follow-up while you are talking to people you want to get to know.
  • It could take years to nurture a relationship.
  • We talk about the importance of being a good listener and how to develop the skill.


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