Mark Gordon Shares His Journey to Financial Comfort TPS160

TPS160I’ve known Mark Gordon since 2008 when he joined one of my programs. At the time, he was seriously in debt, owed a lot of money to the IRS, and his life and business weren’t working very well. Today, he shares his journey from where he was to today, when his film, Awakening in Taos, recently won an award at the Santa Fe Film Festival for the Best Full-Length Film Made in New Mexico.


  • In 2008, I was struggling with my finances because I was subconsciously acting out childhood issues.
  • Mark’s mother committed suicide when he was 8 and this had a serious effect on Mark and his family.
  • What started to change when working with Joan was my awareness about the emotions I act out through my money.
  • I was determined not to keep living the way I had been. I realized that had a choice about my attitude
  • Knowing that I never really crash and burn allows me to have faith in my process.
  • About 10 years ago, I came upon a book about Mable Dodge Luhan and feel in love with her story, and knew then that I wanted to make a movie about her.
  • Mark explains how he used the principles of Debtors Anonymous and decided never to get into debt in order to make the film.
  • He was forced to become a fund-raising expert.
  • Mark talks about what it took to make the decision never to get back into debt again and how he has managed to stick to that plan.
  • I made a conscious effort to take in the accolades and feel good about myself..
  • Mark’s story illustrates how it takes time to grow into a new financial position.
  • PBS will be airing the movie.
  • When I find myself stuck, I ask myself, “What can I do to move forward?”
  • You really can get what you want if you stick with it and keep going.


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