Making the Decision to Be Wealthy -TPS248

There’s no doubt about the fact that to build wealth, you have to spend less than you earn and invest the rest. In this episode I talk about developing a saving habit, learning how to manage cash flow, and making the decision to be wealthy.


  • My parents never saved money, so I never learned how to save.
  • For many entrepreneurs, saving is difficult – it’s so easy to justify spending more on your business.
  • You have to develop a saving habit.
  • It was such a habit for me to not have a savings account. I’ve had to trick myself into saving.
  • You have to see your savings account like money you’ve spent already. It isn’t there for you.
  • Learning how to make financial decisions is essential.
  • If you are going to carry debt, at least don’t worry about it.
  • Where would it leave you if you can’t work for six months.
  • I talk about a few apps that help you save including Acorn and Qapital.
  • Think saving not spending.
  • Spending money on more stuff just keep you where you are financially.
  • So many people purchase things because they want to look good.
  • If you’re spending money on something, think about whether you really need it or if there a less expensive alternative.
  • Make a list of how much you are paying every month on credit card interest?
  • Become more conscious about what you are doing with your money.
  • Are you really aware of where your energy is being allocated.
  • If you aren’t managing your cash flow, you can’t make wise financial decisions.
  • In order to get wealthy, you have to know how to deal with money.
  • Once you make the decision, you’ll figure out how to accomplish what you want.
  • Are you willing to do the things that need to be done to become financially comfortable?
  • What decision are you willing to make that will take you to a better place financially?


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