Make Conscious Choices -TPS268

There’s a lot of information about being mindful and conscious, but don’t we often think consciously about our everyday choices. In this episode, I talk about what goes into making our choices and how we can be more conscious about those choices. I also mention the Hartman Value Profile which measures your capacity to make effective decisions when faced with problems, challenges, and opportunities


  • The quality of your choices affects the quality of your business and life outcomes.
  • Behind every decision is a habitual belief, thought, and emotion.
  • When you become aware of the elements behind your choices, you can make better decisions.
  • I describe the process I have developed to use internal resources to make decisions.
  • Waiting is a skill worth developing.
  • When you learn to wait, you can allow new opportunities, information, and inspirations to come in.
  • The idea is to reduce your fear and stress levels.
  • Fear makes you stupid.
  • There are so many fears that can come into play when making business decisions.
  • One of the exercises I give people is to never go through yellow lights.
  • What I’m suggesting is that you re-perceive your concept of time.
  • The more you stress your adrenal glands, the more you are hastening your death.
  • You can be trained to make better choices.
  • Guilt is an option, not a requirement.
  • You can’t reach peak performance unless you understand how you make your decisions.
  • Be conscious of how you got where you are and make conscious choices about where you want to go and how to get there.
  • If you keep making choices the way you always have, you won’t move forward.


The Hartman Value Profile

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