Lonnie Gordon Ogulnick: Balance Your Life & Your Finances -TPS255

Lonnie Gordon Ogulnick is Founder and CEO of Gordon Wealth and the author of The Heart of a Beast: Surviving in the Lone-Wolf Economy. Lonnie started out his career on Wall Street in 1998 and quickly rose through the ranks as a Vice President, Managing Director, Sales Manager and Chairman’s Club Member prior to opening his own firm. Lonnie has a passion for his clients, understanding that his own personal health both physically and emotionally are the key components to operating at peak levels for both his business and family.


  • Many people are stressed by both their money and their lives – Lonnie hopes to help minimize the stress.
  • As a person who is on a path of finding his best possible self, Lonnie tends to draw in people on a similar path.
  • People who seem to have their lives and finances in order can really be in a mess.
  • Lonnie tries to help people balance their lives as well as their finances.
  • Lonnie defines a Warrior Mindset and what he learned from The Art of Way and other books.
  • From The Art of War, don’t make a major move unless there is a definable advantage.
  • Get your mind right first thing in the morning.
  • Lonnie believes in writing goals down and turning fuzzy into firm. He suggests The Five Minute Journal.
  • Put your intuitive ideas down in writing.
  • Everyone needs a coach, mentor – someone to guide us and stop us from doing stupid things.
  • Individualism is freedom, but we can be connected and get advice from others.
  • The majority of wealthy people were, at one time, broken, which gave them the impetus to find solutions.


Lonnie’s Book The Heart of a Beast: Surviving in the Lone-Wolf Economy

Lonnie’s site: www.GordonWealth.net

The Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change – Also available on Amazon and as an App