Let Go, Listen & Love

Recently, I was working with a client, Mike, who was anxious to move his life forward. I could feel the frustration welling up inside of him as he described his confusion about what actions he might take.

Mike knew that he wanted to make significant life changes, and was taking steps to move in a new direction. But at every turn he seemed to run into obstacles over which he apparently had no control, including a series of health challenges.

This certainly wasn’t the first time that I heard a story like Mike’s. He wasn’t the first client who was anxious to move forward yet felt unable to do so because of external circumstances.

Can you relate to Mike’s frustration?

Whether the frustration stems from unexpected obstacles, tight finances, lack of necessary skills, missed opportunities – or any other problem – the desire to get what you want when you want it can lead to frustration, disappointment, and a sense of failure.

I’ve worked with Mike over the course of the last nine months, so I have witnessed the real progress he has made. His potential success, if he continued on the same trajectory, is evident to me, but obviously not to Mike.

An Internal Answer…

Knowing that Mike had been on a long-term path of spiritual and personal development, I suggested that perhaps he was being guided to let go of his concept of the future he was trying so hard to create.

Perhaps, if he let go of a preconceived idea of his success, a new and better pathway would open up. Perhaps if he allowed himself to quiet down and listen to the inner guidance he had received at times in the past could shine through.

Mike took a deep breath and the frustration dissipated as he realized that the answer to his quandary about what steps to take couldn’t possibly emerge while he was in an anxious state. We both agreed that the answer was to let go, listen, and love – himself and everything in his life.

It takes courage to wait for your pathway to emerge. These days, financial frustrations often push people to act from a fear base. Yet, when you can let go of the fear and trust in a positive future, you can do what’s in front of you now and listen as your inner voice guides you towards your true expression.

During the chaotic times in which we are living, personal and financial success are still well within the realm of possibility. Those who achieve success now are people who can look deep inside and find a place of peace.

It’s clear that there is no certainty about the future. The fact is, there never was. Certainty has always been an illusion. The key to success now is to be able to live peacefully with uncertainty.

The key to success is to let go, listen, and love. Can you do that?