Leisa Peterson: Building Wealth Mindfully TPS192

TPS192Leisa Peterson is a business wealth coach, money mindfulness expert, podcaster and blogger and is the founder of WealthClinic. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, has an MBA in finance and worked in personal finance for over 23 years. Leisa merges her breadth of money and financial understanding together with her personal experiences of self-realization to create a logical, impactful and heart-centered system that improves her clients’ relationship with money forever.


  • Leisa shares how she became interested in helping people with money.
  • At first, Leisa was interested in helping people improve their relationship with money. It has shifted into how can we alter mindset in order to be more effective.
  • Leisa uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with her clients.
  • Find the points of resistance in order to remove your blocks.
  • Common problem is low self-image.
  • People tend not to return to their old way of being if they have coaching.
  • It’s really difficult to do this work yourself.
  • We had to discover ways to work with people because there isn’t a lot of information out there.
  • So much of this is about being in touch with our feelings and getting out of our thinking space.
  • After studying mindfulness for over 12 years, Leisa realized she was still cut off from her feelings.
  • The more we become aware of where we’re stuck, the easier it is to move forward.
  • We talk about helping people learn how to be satisfied.
  • Many people long for money – for more and more. That drive keeps us from being satisfied.
  • It’s not any one thing that answers the questions of life.
  • We tend to attract people who are similar to us.
  • We talk about where security really comes from.
  • It’s so much more than money.
  • Placing value on quality of life is important.


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Leisa’s Podcast: The Art of Mindful Wealth

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