Kindle Publishing and Crystals for Business TPS228

tps228In today’s episode I recap what happened and what I learned from my Kindle launch. I also talk about using crystals and minerals to help you build and improve your business.


  • Bottom line: if you publish on Kindle and do it yourself, it isn’t easy to actually sell books.
  • The people who make a lot of money with Kindle have a team of people helping them.
  • The book, The Search for Connection, is the story of when I gave everything away and went wandering.
  • In the book, I talk about the energy healing I did and my crystal business.
  • I see that the interest in crystals is really expanding now.
  • With energy healing you can feel great right away, but it can take months to feel the full effect.
  • When it comes to choosing a crystal, use your intuition. Find one you like and use it the way you feel is right for you.
  • You won’t always know why you feel good when you hold a crystal, stone or mineral specimen. You don’t need to.
  • On, you can see what I’m offering now.
  • I talk about how I got the urge to look into cinnabar.
  • My power stone is a ruby.
  • Don’t think that crystals and minerals create miracles.
  • Quartz has the ability to transmit and amplify electromagnetic energy. Your body-mine is an electromagnetic machine. So quartz helps you tune into the deeper parts of yourself.
  • Your body has many minerals. Bringing minerals into your energy field stimulates the minerals in your body.
  • Keep a quartz cluster on your desk and you’ll be able to tune into your clients more easily.


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