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TPS172Kelly Roach is a Fortune 500 Executive turned Million Dollar Marketing Mentor. Kelly helps entrepreneurs and business owners skyrocket their sales and uncap their income. As the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching, Kelly’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the key strategies, resources, inspiration and education needed to accomplish their goals and dreams. As a former NFL cheerleader Kelly focuses heavily on exercise integration, personal development and key healthy living rituals to help her clients achieve sustainable business success coupled with a fulfilling, freedom based lifestyle. Kelly is the host of a new podcast entitled Unstoppable Success Radio and interviews superbly!


  • Kelly shares how she got to be a NFL cheerleader.
  • Kelly’s parents taught her you can have anything you want, as long as you work for it.
  • Making money is not complicated.
  • The one thing that holds people back is a lack of action.
  • Expand the amount of time you spend on things that actually make you money.
  • The key to entrepreneurial success is becoming comfortable with imperfect action.
  • You can only find out what works by trying it.
  • Your next best sale comes from someone who already bought from you..
  • The most overlooked strategy is moving your current customers into a higher level of spending and reactivating previous customer.
  • If you take 30 minutes a day making phone calls on behalf of your business, your business will grow exponentially.
  • Conversations equal cash.
  • Fear is what holds people back.
  • Some people have to be pushed to the edge before they take necessary action.
  • There has to be deep yearning within to make a bigger impact.
  • Never leave a situation without taking one immediate action.
  • It’s all about taking action on profit-making activities.
  • Look at what are you always referring people out to and ask if you want to do that for your clients.
  • It’s fun to be an energizer.
  • Every day is an opportunity to be the best we can be.


Kelly’s Podcast Episode called How to Know What to Focus On in Your Business 

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