Joel Zaslofsky: How Simplifying Can Give Your Life Meaning and Purpose TPS102

How Simplifying Can Give Your Life Meaning and Purpose.

Joel ZaslofskyJoel Zaslofsky is the host of the Smart and Simple Matters Podcast and the curator and simplifier behind Value of Simple and the SimpleREV movement. In March 2012, two years after his personal renaissance shook him awake, he quit his cushy corporate job to help people simplify, organize, and be money wise. When he’s not enjoying nature, making his wife smile, or playing with his two young sons, he’s living intentionally, being Paleo, and Experience Curating.


  • Joel describes himself as a curator, which means he is filtering his experiences for the most meaningful and valuable ones and then archiving them. He loves spreadsheets, so that’s what he uses.
  • How curating is different from keeping a diary.
  • Joel turned his miserable memory into a superpower with curating.
  • There are a bazillion ways of practicing simplicity.
  • Curating allows Joel to eliminate the excess in his life.
  • A lot of simplicity is figuring out what’s holding you back, where’s the excess, and asking, “Can I live without it.”
  • Identify what’s purposeful and focus on it.
  • Simple does not mean ascetic.
  • “Simplicity is an internal tool I use to figure out what my purpose is.”
  • “There’s a ton of value in less.”
  • Ask, what is it I want? What will bring me fulfilment?
  • Joel worked in the financial industry just for the money. Now he has money avoidance issues.
  • Joel works to decrease the prominence of money in his life.
  • “I had never prioritized my connection to myself. Now I do.”
  • “My life has radically changed through self-awareness.”
  • What’s one more thing you can do today to connect more authentically?
  • When Joel realized he was going to be a father, he changed a lot of things in his life.
  • Joel’s main focus is to help people simplify, which helps them recognize and act on their passions.


Joel’s site:

Simple Rev: The simple living conference Joel is organizing:

Joel’s book: Experience Curating: How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life