Joel Bogess: How to Get Your Podcast to Be #1 in iTunes TPS128

TPS128Joel Boggess is a #1 bestselling author and a front-runner in the world of podcasting and new media, a regular presenter at the Podcast Movement conferences, and is one-half of the broadcast team behind the creation, development and explosive growth of ReLaunch.

Within days of the The Relaunch show’s initial blast off, it soared up the iTunes charts and became #1 in business, education, and in health respectively in New and Noteworthy and has earned numerous podcast awards including Best Overall and Most Inspirational podcast. Joel does the relaunch show with his wife Pei. Their site is


  • Joel had a background in radio and TV in the 1990s so it was a no-brainer to switch to podcasting.
  • The Relaunch Show is the ninth show that Joel has doing. The others were “practice” shows.
  • Relaunch is an overnight success that took about 7 years.
  • Joel has put together a team that can take care of all of the backend tasks required for podcasting.
  • Most people don’t know how to make their show shine.
  • Use good sound quality. Invest in a good mic and a digital recorder.
  • Eighty to eighty-five percent of podcasts don’t get past seven episodes.
  • Podcasting is only one form of using content creation for marketing.
  • People get caught up in a moment of excitement about doing a podcast without realizing what is really involved.
  • Podcasting is not a silver bullet. There are no marketing silver bullets.
  • Hard work pays off every single time.
  • I had a goal to be #1 in all three categories on New and Newsworthy on iTunes.
  • Get reviews, ratings and subscribers in order to get into New and Newsworthy. And encourage people to download.
  • Because we got to #1, we were invited to present at Podcast Movement 2014.
  • To get into the content creation world, work with someone who has been successful.


Joel’s Podcast Training

Joel’s podcast. The Relaunch Show Podcast

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