Joe Vitale: The Awakened Millionaire TPS198

TPS198JOE VITALE has been called “The Buddha of the Internet” for his combination of spirituality and marketing acumen. An inspiring speaker, coach, musician, and author, Joe is an inspiration to millions and a star in the hit movie The Secret. His many books include The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, and Attract Money Now. His newest book is The Awakened Millionaire: A Manifesto for the Spiritual Wealth Movement.


  • Joe is trying to help people make peace with money and help them follow their passion.
  • Joe doesn’t want people to focus on money, but to focus on their passion.
  • Your spirituality is so much more important than money.
  • Money doesn’t mean anything at all unless we all agree on something.
  • If you say you can’t do what you want until you have money, that’s a form of self-sabotage.
  • Creativity is more important than money.
  • The Millionaire Creed suggests focusing on everyone, not just you.
  • As you serve others, you actually make a difference in the world.
  • Joe talks about what spiritual wealth means.
  • Spiritual and material wealth are two sides of the same coin.
  • We talk about seeing money as a form of energy.
  • When you have money, you can help care for the world.
  • When Joe was homeless, he couldn’t help anyone. Now he can direct his money energy for good.
  • Joe talks about the importance of respecting money and developing a relationship with it.
  • “The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation” – Arnold Patten
  • Look at taxes as a motivator to serve a greater purpose in your life.
  • Joe is helping changing attitudes towards money.
  • If you think money is bad, it’s hard to attract it.
  • Money is not evil, it’s a tool.
  • It’s not part of your DNA to think that money is evil.
  • Awakened millionaires are not in love with money. They’re in love with their passion.
  • Wealth is more inclusive than just money.


Joe’s book, The Awakened Millionaire: A Manifesto for the Spiritual Wealth Movement