Joan Sotkin: Finding the Courage to Tell You Who I Am TPS087


Finding the Courage to Tell You Who I Am

Like many of you, I have managed to find a way to seem “normal” in a world where there really is no normal. Now, it’s time for me to modify the proper business woman persona I have developed and let the playful, creative part of me come out. I hope you’ll join me and let your “real” self express itself.


  • In this day and age, you have to have a label, which is why I call myself a holistic business and money coach.
  • My real unique selling proposition is that I’m Joan Sotkin. But that doesn’t work in the marketplace.
  • I’m not crazy about the “spiritual” label because I think everyone is being spiritual in their own way. Some people are just more conscious about their decisions than others.
  • Metaphysics helped me see life from another point of view.
  • The work I do helps clients feel better about themselves and their lives and their work.
  • I have defined myself in a way that helps me fit in to the business paradigm and was afraid of being defined as “the crazy psychic lady.”
  • Can you just do what you love or does it also have to work in the marketplace?
  • I discuss my process in trying to figure out how what I do – and who I am – can fit in the marketplace.
  • The question for me is, how can I really be Joan Sotkin and have it work in the marketplace.
  • I talk about my interest in the mineral kingdom and how I spent a month at the Museum of Natural History in New York getting to “feel” the minerals.
  • Everything is connected. Even though the crystals and minerals don’t look alive, they are and they have energy to share with us.
  • Quartz has the ability to transmit and amplify electromagnetic energy. The “more” of you is electromagnetic energy and quartz helps you tune into the deeper parts of yourself.
  • A part of me is afraid to say out loud what I love about the minerals and about energy healing.
  • The problem is there are so many options and you don’t always know what path to take.
  • What would you like to do if you weren’t afraid of doing it?
  • I wonder if we ever really get our act together.


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