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TPS174Jeff Long is the founding owner of True Focus Media. He has been serving companies, organizations, individuals, and non-profits around the world for the past 10 years helping them produce videos, develop websites and work on some awesome projects. Jeff is an entrepreneur who specializes in video production and web design and he has a passion for creative education. His Website is

Jeff also hosts, The Online Course Coach podcast. I’ve listened to every episode and have learned a great deal about creating online courses.


  • Jeff started a video production company 16 years ago, and quickly added Webdesign.
  • Both of Jeff’s parents are educators, and although he likes to teach, didn’t want to be a school teacher.
  • He believes that most training is moving to the Internet.
  • Online courses may seem like a fad, but Jeff doesn’t think it’s true.
  • There are so many platforms for putting your information online.
  • We talk about and their revenue split.
  • Don’t build anything until you know it’s a topic people want.
  • Pre-Sell your course.
  • Courses that are smaller are more valuable.
  • People learn best when they can see you in person.
  • There are many places to host courses.
  • It’s your obligation to get your information out there.
  • When a project of his didn’t go well, he sat back and asked how it might work.
  • Jeff talks about the opportunity for women in the online learning field.
  • Getting a coach is a good idea. He shares what to look for in a coach and how to ask questions of a potential coach.
  • I’m passionate about helping five million people learn online in the next five years.
  • Two parts: Course creation and marketing. People have different strengths.
  • We don’t always have a realistic idea of how successful people get successful.
  • Trying to save money and doing things on the cheap is not always a good idea.
  • I try to find people who do things better than I do and let them do it.


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