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TPS154J V Crum III helps entrepreneurs grow six and seven figure conscious businesses that combine making high profits with making a positive impact. He is a speaker, coach, Huffington Post Columnist, and best-selling author of Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference. He hosts the top-ranking Conscious Millionaire Podcast and is Founder of www.ConsciousMillionaire.com, a global coaching and wealth product business. He holds an MBA, JD, Masters in Psychology, and has built and sold successful companies.


  • We talk about what differentiates a conscious business person from everyone else.
  • First-stage capitalism is about producing and/or selling things without awareness of the effect on people.
  • In second-stage capitalism you’re concerned about adding value or uplifting.
  • With collaboration, everybody can win.
  • Conscious business people are heart driven.
  • The heart part is more about right-brain thinking while the money piece is more left-brain.
  • Someone can have a great vision, but they’re missing the left-brain part.
  • You have to choose one group of people to market to.
  • Profitable businesses can fail if they don’t have good cash flow
  • There are people who start a business who are money averse.
  • Belief shifts often have to happen in order for you to succeed.
  • Do you want to stay in your current position or are you willing to change?
  • We talk about why people often revert back to where they were.
  • It can be scary to put the necessary pieces in place to build your business.
  • You have to be able to think strategically and take a certain amount of risk.
  • Every business person I know has been through some kind of catastrophe.
  • Education teaches you how to make distinctions.
  • Students today are not taught critical thinking skills.
  • How you feel about someone is not a good basis for making a decision about them.
  • A lot of people have a big vision but not the steps as to how they are going to get there.
  • Foundation work can be done in 30 days with some focus.
  • For the new entrepreneur, getting help is essential. It’s always cheaper to work with an expert.
  • Only hire people who can show examples similar to what you are looking for.
  • Have only one kind of relationship with someone.


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