Is Your Inner Child Keeping You Broke? w/ Joan Sotkin TPS147

TPS147Much of my work is about connecting early childhood experience to financial outcomes. I started doing workshops on the topic 25 years ago and am still talking about it. So today, I want to ask you, is your inner child keeping you broke?

As reference, in my book, Build Your Money Muscles, I talk about the “boarding house” inside of you. Living there is a wounded child, a healthy child, a rebellious teenager, a wise investor, and more. The idea is to put your benevolent adult to be in charge of your finances.


  • I go over a list a symptoms that indicate your wounded inner child is making decisions that aren’t working to your advantage.
  • There is often a fear that if I become more adult about my money, I’ll be like miserable adults I know.
  • When a child is coddled, there’s an expectation of always getting what they want. Often they don’t have experience of dealing with difficulties.
  • Even in a bad economy, lots of young people are doing a good job of managing their money.
  • If your money isn’t working right, there’s something going on emotionally.
  • More and more experts are saying you have to pay attention to your emotions.
  • In order to be successful with your money, you have to grow up.
  • Whatever financial problems you’re having, have nothing to do with money.
  • Ask is how I feel about my financial situation about how I felt as a child.
  • Unexpressed anger can be really toxic.
  • If you were in any way treated badly as a child, anger is a natural experience
  • You don’t have to be ashamed of your childhood experiences.
  • It’s best to work through these issues with someone else.
  • Be easy on yourself. Whatever you are doing is not good or bad, it’s just what you are doing, and you can change it if you choose.
  • Start keeping track of your money and paying attention to the numbers.
  • Google “healing inner child.”


InnerChild-SymptomList that your inner child is in charge of your finances.