Indigo Ocean: How Ancestral Persecution Affects Your Life Today -TPS249

Indigo Ocean Dutton is the author of Being Bliss and Micro Habits for Major Happiness. She is also the principal consultant at Awaken Business Consulting, where she helps clients tap into their intuitive guidance system and use that clarity to develop profitable businesses that fulfill their passion for creation.


  • We talk about how Indigo frames intuitive guidance in different forms for large corporations.
  • Indigo has come to see how family patterns, especially persecution, affect a person’s life outcomes.
  • Persecutions force adaptation.
  • People have mental habits and frameworks that they don’t even see that undermine
  • Anger is often passed on from generation to generation.
  • Even though the external situation is not as bad today, the anger still persists.
  • You have to be aware that the anger is happening and that you want something better.
  • The effects of generations of persecution can be affecting many areas of your life and your ability to succeed.
  • When you start letting go of the family issues, there are consequences.
  • Connecting to others when examining family patterns makes the process much easier.
  • Making contact on a spiritual level with her deceased grandmother helped Indigo to understand what she is teaching now.
  • Indigo talks about the 5 Poison Seeds that cause problems and how to uproot them.
  • Indigo helps people work with guides and ancestors.
  • A person needs to develop new habits as to how they relate to themselves and the world around them.
  • You have to make a commitment to make the necessary changes and find someone to help you. Then you have to translate what you learn into everyday life.
  • It makes it harder for people to change if they think there’s something wrong with them.


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