If you feel like an Outsider TPS185

TPS185A lot of people lately have been telling me that they feel like an outsider – like they don’t belong. Because it’s part of their identity, they keep perpetrating stories that allow then to feel like an outsider.


  • If you are a creative or innovator, it helps to feel like an outsider. But it doesn’t feel like something good.
  • Outsiders often dream of being rich or famous, but rich and/or famous people can have as many emotional issues as anyone else, if not more.
  • People who stand out in any way often feel like outsiders: Members of minority groups, very tall or very short people, people with disabilities, and others that I mention.
  • Outsiders often live in gated communities or become part of tight-knit groups so they can feel they belong.
  • Being smart can distance you from others.
  • Someone brought up in a alcoholic family can create coping mechanisms that separate them from others.
  • If you were brought up in a poor family, the feeling of being left out because you’re poor can continue, even when you are earning a lot.
  • Recognize when you feel like an outsider.
  • Advice from my dog Angel: I’m here, I have every right to be here, and I know you’re going to love me.
  • When I feel like an outsider, I can choose to feel like I belong.
  • When we compare ourselves to others, it perpetrates our concept of “other.”
  • You can decide how to brand yourself so you feel more like you fit in.
  • I had to get over the fear that if I’m innovative, I’ll be an outsider.
  • Do you feel like an outsider?
  • Most solutions for not feeling like an outsider, miss the idea of the Identity Factor.
  • I talk about how I made the shift so I can be unique and not feel like an outsider.
  • The outsider feeling comes from within you.
  • Do you perpetrate an outsider identity?
  • As long as you hold on to outside feelings, you’ll be an outsider.


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