Henry Lopez: Good Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur TPS223

tps223Henry Lopez has over 34 years of diverse business experience, including successful careers in the information technology industry, sales, sales training and business ownership. He is the CEO of Levantae Business Group and host of the podcast The How of Business.   In addition to Levante, he is also currently co-owner of a self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant in Colorado Springs, and a Travel Agency co-founded with his wife.


  • Henry likes to do multiple things at once and is trying to get better at time blocking.
  • Henry shares how he got into entrepreneurship and the companies he founded.
  • Everything is about sales, whether you’re selling a point of view, product or an idea or pitching for someone to give you money, you’re always selling something.
  • While working for large corporations, I always had a lot of training and was working with top producers.
  • Competition kept him striving to stay at the top of his game.
  • Once I analyze something, I have the confidence in my abilities to move forward.
  • Henry shares some of his businesses that didn’t work out.
  • To build a business, you have to get over your fear of failure – emotional and financial.
  • Henry talks about the work he does with SCORE (Special Core of Retired Executives) what separates the people he can tell are going to be successful from those who are not.
  • When it gets hard, when it gets beyond the shiny, new idea or the honeymoon phase, are you willing to do the hardwork?
  • Unwillingness to do the hard work to get a business going is the barrier for most people.
  • We discuss why people are reluctant to deal with their finances and how to get judgement out of your numbers.
  • Henry helps people take small steps towards financial awareness.
  • You have to have some kind of financial projection.
  • The basics of marketing, starting a business and accounting, haven’t changed.
  • If you’re not willing to look at the numbers then you really shouldn’t be in business.
  • Henry focuses in hoping small businesses (under $100 million) get started.
  • My process comes down to just the disciplines that I try to apply on a daily basis.
  • You must have intellectual curiosity or you become stagnant.


Henry’s website: www.TheHowOfBusiness.com

SCORE: www.SCORE.org

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