How Your Habits Affect Your Life & Financial Outcomes TPS224

tps224Everything about us is a habit. In order to alter your life outcomes, you have to develop different habits and be aware of the patterns in your life and intentionally change it to have different and better results. In this episode, I talk about how to recognize and change the habits that are holding you back.


  • There’s no absolute formula to follow in changing habits..
  • When you are morphing into a new persona, it’s not an easy thing because you have to know yourself as you are today.
  •  You have to learn a whole new set of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors.
  •  The reason why most people don’t accomplish what they want  is because they’re not willing to  stick with it.
  •  If you can recognize your dysfunctional habits,then you can decide what you’re going to do instead and train yourself  to do that.
  •  Sometimes you need help in order to recognize your habits because it’s hard to recognize the patterns.
  •  In order to be accepted by other people and to feel comfortable in a successful position, you have to teach yourself  how to be a strong successful person.
  •  You don’t have to have money, you don’t actually have to have success, you just have to feel it.
  •  Your feelings are the creative force behind your life story.
  •  If you can get yourself into a feeling space of success and wealth, you’re on your way to creating it.
  •  Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re experiencing, whatever you’re thinking is a habit.
  •  If you want to play big, you have to feel big.
  •  You have the power to change.


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