Gene Hammett: No Failure Is Big Enough to Keep You From Success TPS54

Gene-smiling-blue-jacket-300x300Gene Hammett has a story that proves even a failure that costs you millions of dollars can’t block your success. Gene is not any old business coach; he is a business strategist who brings with him the experience of running two multi-million dollar businesses. He is fiercely committed to working with high-achieving leaders who want to lead with confidence and achieve financial freedom.

  • Gene’s definition of financial freedom.
  • How he made a fortune and lost it.
  • He hated the business, even though he was making a lot of money. Problems with partners caused the downfall of the business, and Gene lost everything.
  • It took him three years to get back on his feet after he had to close his business.
  • Gene is a solutions-oriented person with lots of resiliency. He discusses how this has helped him.
  • Gene works with high achieving leaders and aspiring leaders and sees that many leaders get stuck in learning mode and need help putting ideas into action.
  • Most people don’t need any more learning or certifications to move their business forward.
  • When he really got in touch with who he is and why he’s here, he gained a lot of confidence. The difficult times in life make it possible for this to happen.
  • Can leadership be taught?
  • Empathy is one of the most important traits of a leader.
  • Gene helps people find “the bulls eye” of their business and who they serve. He talks about the emotional aspect involved with this.
  • The difference between helping people and serving them.
  • What people need most is not another certification or another program but a coach who can guide them.
  • How having a coach has paid off for him, and why he will always have one.

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