Finding Inner Peace as the Chaos Unfolds – TPS275

I recorded this episode on Monday, as the tragedy in Texas was still unfolding. I’m finding it hard not to talk about the deep sadness I feel as I witness the suffering, even though I was expecting the chaos. In this episode, I talk about what I see is happening from a more detached point of view.


  • There’s great divide as we experience challenges to our democracy.
  • Talk about why I have been anticipating the chaos.
  • With chaos comes uncertainty, which leads to fear.
  • There is a great divide as our democracy is challenged. Yet I find it difficult to get into a state of fear or hate.
  • On a deep inner level, I believe that whatever we are going through is what we need in order to become who we’re becoming.
  • One of the big problems is seeing people as “other.”
  • What aren’t we talking about that isn’t out in the open so we, as a country, can heal.
  • So many things we counted on in the past seem to be disappearing.
  • There’s a tendency to see the white supremacists as the other when they are often wounded children who are looking for connection.
  • We can’t eliminate hate and criminality by locking people up.
  • If we all could approach our problems with love, caring, and forgiveness, it can turn things around.
  • Am I leading with love?
  • Can I see the white supremacists as wounded children and not just as the other.
  • If you want peace and are acting towards it, you are helping the world move towards peace.
  • People don’t hurt each other unless they hurt inside.
  • Love yourself, let go, connect.
  • You can’t feel safe unless you feel connected.
  • If you crave peace, then you’re a peacemaker. Be peace.
  • What can you do to put aside your fear?
  • It’s important to connect with others who share our views.
  • Making more money is not going to make your life better. It will only make it more complicated.


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